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Scientific Solutions ® Inc.

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Scientific Solutions Celebrating 30 years of "Solving Problems for Problem Solvers"®

Scientific Solutions Inc. was formed in 1974 to design, manufacture, market and support high-end data acquisition and process control products. These products are used for laboratory testing, industrial automation, advanced medical research, health and nutritional products, product development, production testing, quality assurance, and university teaching and research.

Early Scientific Solutions products were used with minicomputers and included analog acquisition, digital I/O and high speed counter/timers. With the introduction of the Hewlett Packard General Purpose Interface Bus in 1975 (GPIB, now the IEEE 488 standard), Scientific Solutions' introduced a number of GBIB interfaces.  With the advent of microcomputers, Scientific Solutions started making data acquisition products for these systems including S-100 based systems and early apple systems.  Scientific Solutions original LabMaster data acquisition system was created for S-100 microcomputers.

In 1981, IBM introduced the original IBM PC, and concurrent with IBM's announcement Scientific Solutions introduced a family of data acquisition and control products for this new platform.  Scientific Solutions created the PC based data acquisition market in 1981 by introducing the worlds first data acquisition and control products for the IBM PC, and is considered a pioneer in the PC based data acquisition industry.  In fact these products were also the world's first add-on cards of any type for the PC.  In recognition of this pioneering contribution to the PC based data acquisition industry, Scientific Solutions was awarded "Best In Test" and "Product of the Decade 1981-1991" in 1991 by Test & Measurement World, and again recognized in the 2001 (20th anniversary) issue.

Throughout the years, the company has introduced many features and technologies including software programmable gain amplifiers, high resolution counters/timers, virtual channel/gain array sequencers, analog multiplexing, unipolar/bipolar & SE/DI analog inputs, installable data acquisition device drivers, and acquisition software development kits. As a result of these contributions, Scientific Solutions has received numerous industry and design awards and holds a number of US and international trademarks, copyrights and patents.

Scientific Solutions products and trade names include the:

As a testament to the quality, reliability, and features of its designs, many of the original 1981 products (an even a few products from the late 1970s) have provided continuous operation over the years and are still in use today.  Scientific Solutions current version of the LabMaster remains 100% compatible with the original - setting a new standard in providing real value in their customers technology investments.

Scientific Solutions provides products for may diverse projects and industries including:

If you have ever been on an amusement ride where your seat moves to match the action on a screen - it was probably controlled using Scientific Solutions' technology.

Scientific Solutions is also a proud supplier to the global medical, health and nutrition community and major diagnostic and research laboratories around the world such as:

Scientific Solutions has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing PC based data acquisition products longer than any other company in the world.  Scientific Solution products have been strong in the traditional laboratory market. The scientists in universities and engineers in R&D have been the innovators and experimenters with new technology and new products. Scientific Solutions position of being first with the Lab Master and IEEE products for the PC has provided strength in this market.


Scientific Solutions' has a well established WorldWide presence and relies upon their strong in-house engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, marketing and technical expertise to serve and support their many customers around the globe. Scientific Solutions products are also highly regarded and used in process control; energy management; measurement, monitoring and control of a variety of functions, equipment and processes.

A short list of Scientific Solutions' customers include:


Scientific Solutions is a USA based company whose products are marketed and sold world-wide. All products are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA at Scientific Solutions' facilities.

Scientific Solutions is a privately held company with various Research & Development, Sales and Manufacturing locations.


Scientific Solutions created the PC based Data Acquisition industry by introducing the first data acquisition product line for the IBM PC

Scientific Solutions has provided several industry firsts, including: